Through the training, LSP got to know our company personally, visiting our plant and walking us through the processes. Books and seminars can only go so far, but LSP makes Six Sigma a no-brainer to do for any plant management team who wants to reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

CFO, Food Industry Manufacturer

We plan to use the Lean Six Sigma problem-solving methodology to identify and improve operational efficiencies, reduce mistakes and costly rework, and for team cohesion initially. These early successes will establish a contagious confidence and desire to attack larger projects and expand the program into other areas of the organization.

Operations Executive, Equipment Manufacturer

Lean Six Sigma is valuable for any company with inventories that are routinely pulled for individual orders. The tools help keep our data accurate and processes in control.

SVP, Regional Distribution Company

Welcome to LSP

LSP provides exceptional performance solutions for business by employing our in-depth expertise in Lean Six Sigma. The focus of Lean Six Sigma is to solve business problems that are hurting key business performance in areas such as:

  • Customer complaints
  • Ineffective and defective services
  • Capacity constraints
  • Yield or subsequent rework
  • Inconsistencies in operations
  • HR Failings
  • Employee surveys
  • Receivables and invoicing issues
  • Product returns or warranty costs
  • Excessive inventory levels
  • Cycle time or responsiveness
  • Lack of controls and metrics
  • Historic blind spots
  • Processes not well defined

If you are experiencing any of the above, Lean Six Sigma can help.

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